“What parents need to know about mental health”

VPC-BGS co-hosted parent seminar at BGS 28 July 2018

“What parents need to know about mental health”

Presenter: Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Child and Adolescent Psychologist


Dr Carr-Gregg’s main points

1.      First, parents should know that there is NO PERFECT PARENT thing in the world. Every child is different. Every parent has their uncertainty about parenting.

2.      Parents should pay close attention to CYBER-BULLYING. The internet has transformed the journey from childhood to young adulthood. Cyber-bullying on the rise- Schools report big rise of cyber-bullying and police cyber expert warn parents of social media predators.

3.      Research shows the rise of number of children and adolescent with mental health issues.

4.      When parents should be concerned about their children’s health, here are some signs or indicators:

-          Pro-social peer relationship

-          Do they have a spark?

-          Do they value/ enjoy school?

-          Have they emancipated (appropriately) from adult carers?

5.      Symptoms that flag depression……

-          Withdrawn to their room

-          Withdrawn from friends

-          Prolonged sadness, cranky, moody, increase in anger

-          Loss of appetite, loss of weight, increase in appetite (comfort eating)

-          Hard to concentrate

-          Drop off in school marks

-          Poor self-esteem

-          Guilty thoughts

-          Suicidal thoughts, self-harm

-          Can’t see things getting better in the future

6.      Recommend an App called ReachOut WorryTime to help people with stress or other mental health issues in a way that let people think they can control their thoughts rather than let the thoughts control them.

7.      One essential and most practical way to conquer mental health issues it to  

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON                                  In another word, TO BE RESILIENT   

Research shows that people with resilience are highly likely to have the following characteristics:

-          Charismatic adult

-          Social/ emotional competencies

-          Self talk

-          Have spark

-          Spirituality 

8.      A book named GOOD THINKING- A TEENAGERS’ GUIDE TO MANAGING STRESS AND EMOTIONS USING CBT, written by Sarah Edelman and Louise Remond was highly recommended by Michael.      

Thank you Spice Wang for taking the notes!