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New VPC member offers for 2017

This year, VPC is excited to offer a range of high quality training programs and resources to our members schools at exclusive discounted rates. We've partnered with programs and organisations that we believe are providing unique, worthwhile services for parents and teachers in order to give you to opportunity to take advantage of them at a special reduced price.

Successful Learning

Developed by the Australian Parents Council, this interactive parent-to-parent training workshop encourages and assists families to engage in their children’s early literacy and numeracy, supporting the school’s teaching in the home. It's designed to empower parents, giving you the knowledge and confidence to work in partnership with teachers and play an active part in your children's learning.

The program is ordinarily valued at $440 per workshop. VPC will be offering a number of free parent workshops throughout the year and can arrange additional workshops for schools at a discounted rate.

You can learn more about Successful Learning here.

The Resilience Doughnut

Developed at the Resilience Centre Australia, The Resilience Doughnut is a practical model for developing resilience in children, young people and adults, based on identifying and combining individual strengths. They offer a range of quality online parent workshops, including 2- and 4-week online courses in raising resilient children, and 90-minute “Hot Topic” seminars presented by experienced psychologists.

VPC members are eligible for a 20% discount on 4-week online parent courses and a 10% discount on 2-week courses and seminars.

You can learn more about The Resilience Doughnut's parent workshops here.

Every Chance to Dance

Every Chance to Dance is a weekly online arts, health and physical education curriculum resource for teachers, promoting physical and mental wellbeing through self-expression and movement. It's designed to be inclusive, offering every student a chance to participate and develop their strengths, and includes access to lesson plans and tips, video lessons, original music, assessment templates and professional learning support for teachers.

By purchasing an annual subscription up front, VPC members can receive a 15% discount, representing an annual saving of $300.

You can learn more about Every Chance to Dance here.

Parents and Schools Working Together

Parents and Schools Working Together is a professional development program designed to build teachers’ skills and understanding of how to most effectively engage and work together with the parents of the children they teach. It's a high quality, evidence based program, developed in a collaboration between the NSW Parents’ Council, the Council of Catholic Schools Parents NSW, the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations, and researchers from the Australian Catholic University.

The program consists of five one-hour online modules priced at $100 per module, or $450 for all five. VPC is offering members a 10% subsidy on program costs.

You can learn more about Parents and Schools Working Together here.

Savv-i Digital Citizenship eLearning

VPC is delighted to partner with SOOCed to offer this unique eLearning program, designed to foster discussions about safe, savvy and social Internet use, with individual courses specific to parents, teachers and students. The program covers the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship, making use of quality interactive learning resources from around the world.

VPC members are entitled to a 15% discount on the program’s one-off setup fee, representing a saving of $300.

You can learn more about SOOCed's eLearning program here.

For more information about how to take advantage of these offers, get in touch with us by using the contact form or emailing And remember to keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for more announcements of exclusive offers and free sessions over the course of the year!