• Parents are the first educators of their children and have a right and responsibility to choose a school that will best suit their child and supports the values of their family.
  • Every parent having paid their taxes deserves some support for their children's education.
  • Parents should not be discriminated against for investing in their children's education.
  • It is children, not schools, who should be funded.
  • All children are entitled to an equitable allocation of taxpayer funds by way of a basic funding entitlement based on the real cost of educating a child in a government school - the Australian Government School Recurrent Cost (AGSRC)
  • There should be one funding model for the entire non-government sector.
  • The socio-economic status (SES) funding model currently used by the Australian Government is the best available method for calculating funding to students attending non-government schools as it is a needs-based model which measures the socio-economic status of each school's parent community. Students at schools serving the wealthiest communities receive the lowest levels of funding; the neediest receive the most funding.
  • While working within agreed broad curriculum guidelines, the autonomy of non-government schools should not be undermined by government policies.
  • Students with disabilities should receive adequate funding to address their needs