Our Mission

The Victorian Parents Council provides a voice for non-government school parents in the decisions that affect our children's education.

We inform, encourage, support and respond to the needs of parents at Victorian non-government schools. We strive to give parents the knowledge, resources and confidence to take an active role in their children's schooling and provide the vital link between parents, government, education authorities and the media.

Our objectives

Providing you with a voice at State and Federal government

The VPC meets with the State Education Minister, politicians and education authorities. The Australian Parents Council represents state affiliates on a national level. Our meetings raise awareness for your needs to ensure that policies and practices are inclusive of parents.

Promoting positive family-school partnerships

Successful schools bring school leadership, teachers and parents together to work towards shared goals. The VPC strengthens this relationship by promoting positive parent involvement in classroom support, parent associations, school direction and policy development

Supporting you with information, fact sheets and advocacy

Do you want to know how best to support your school and children be it for bullying, career choice or homework? Does your parent association want to share resources on effective operations and maximise parental involvement? The Victorian Parents Council continually strives to provide resources that meet your needs.